Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Book Review Presentations start

This Thursday, April 30 we will start the book reviews for our class. The reviews are oral presentations, but of course I expect a "hard" copy (or digital) from each student. Your "hard" copy does not have to be ready on Thursday. Your presentation should be in power point mode, but I'm more interested in the discussion phase than any thing else.

Following is the list of student whom I expect to present this Thursday. Please call me if you have any questions or concerns. The students to present this Thursday, April 30, but not necessarily in this order (I will ask for volunteers) are:

Patricia Barrios - SCSA - (Presented)
Tania Garcia - TAMUK - (Presented)
Jennifer Casanova - SCSA
Joe Hamon - TAMUK
Lizbeth Hernandez - SCSA
Krystleskye Limon - TAMUK - (Presented)
Roy Porter - SCSA
David Brott - TAMUK - (Presented)

The students schedule to present Thursday, May 7, but not necessarily in this order (I will ask for volunteers) are:

Shaun Springfiled - SCSA
Jacque Hutton - TAMUK
Linda Tomasini - SCSA
Michelle Leal - TAMUK
Katherine Valadez - SCSA
Michelle Leal - TAMUK
Brent Walker - SCSA
Sasha Rodriguez - TAMUK
Greg Stelfox - TAMUK - (Presented)

As a reminder.......here are our last three class dates.

• Thursday, April 30 (Class will meet). Selected students present book reviews. Selected final projects may be discussed. This is the day where we will let students give oral reviews of their books. Prepare for final exam. This is the last exam. It will be posted on Tuesday May 5 or earlier.

• Thursday, May 7: (Class will meet). Selected students present book reviews and discuss final projects.

• Thursday, May 14: (Class will meet). Final Exam and all final projects due. (If you have done this prior to this night, we don't have to meet).

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