Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chapter 5 Assignments - (Due Feb. 21)

Blog Assignment: At the end of Chapter 5, the author states that, in reality, the partisan press has never left American journalism. While he admits it is not as strong as it was during the early part of the 19th century, he points to the activities of The New York Times and CBS-TV as examples of how news outlets still favor one of the other political faction, be it Republican or Democrat or liberal or conservative. From your experience, write a brief (150 words at the most) essay on this posting about your feelings about the partisan press in America today. In other words, are CBS and NBC news biased toward a liberal agenda as it is reported? Is Fox News truly slanted, as the liberal press asserts? What other examples can you come up with? Feel free to scan the web, but don't copy paste. Use your own ideas. You will also be free to respond to your fellow classmates "postings." This should be fun. Good luck

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  1. I believe that the partisan press is still very much alive today in the media, even if they profess to be neutral and slant free. One such example of this, and I'm by no means endorsing or criticizing them, is Fox News. They say their fair and balance, but since they employ real people who have their own biases, they cannot truly be fair and balanced.