Friday, March 20, 2009

It is time to start thinking about YOUR FINAL PROJECT!

Final Project: Write a biography of a longtime media professional—still working or retired—from one of our area media outlets. You can find some biographical details in city and county records or on website of newspapers or broadcast media outlets. Other information can come from friends, acquaintances, co-workers and relatives. Much of the information will come directly from interviews with your subject or with people who knew your subject. The professor will provide a list of potential subjects. In addition to finding out the details of your subject’s life and professional career, you’re also interested in learning how the business was conducted during the time your subject was working in the profession. What was it like? What experiences did your subject have? How has the profession changed? The biography should be at least 8 pages long, word-processed and double-spaced. By the beginning of class March 23, turn in a word-processed proposal including your subject’s name, the name of the news outlet he or she worked for and the approximate dates of his or her career. You can also include any other information you have learned up to that point about your subject’s career. By April 16, you will give the professor a written update and sample paper. You may submit this electronically. Deadline for final project is April 23. You may or may not be asked to discuss your project with the class, depending on class progress through the semester. This project is worth 20 percent of your final grade.

Here are some guidelines

Please let me know your choice as soon as possible. Please follow the guidelines attached. I will need a "hard copy" (SA you can email).


The paper will be written in MLA style with end notes, works cited and a bibliography. You must have at least four major sources (i.e. books, magazines, reviews or biographies)

Personal interviews may count as a source.

Please do not use Wikipedia or encyclopedia and please do not just cut and paste. Cite your sources. Please include a cover sheet. The type must be no bigger than 12 points. Double spaced with notations (Smith, 35) in copy.

Some Suggestions:
(1)Go to the website of the different television networks and choose one of their reports or anchors to get an idea for your subject. Example: Natalie Morales, Oprah Winfrey, Katie Couric, John Quiñones, Jorge Ramos, Geraldo Rivera, María Celeste Arrarás,
(2)Select a news personality from a local television or radio station.
(3)Select a reporter from a local daily.
(4)Pick a well-known news personality you want to learn more about.

Please organize your report into five sections. The sections are:
(1)Introduction: to include the reason why you chose the personality.
(2)Biography: A brief resume of your personality’s career, to include place of birth, parents, education, influences in their lives and their current status in their profession and/or life,
(3)Impact: A brief review of your personality’s main impact on journalism, film, etc. This should list awards and some of the significant achievements in his or her field.
(4)A review of the subject work and career would be nice.
(5) Conclusion: A brief review of what you have written and how you feel your personality has impacted Hispanics in the Media.

Good luck. Dr. Flores

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